Friday, January 22, 2016

Stitch Journal: Week 3

New colors this week: red, for the cardinal, and grey-brown, for the trunks of the birch trees.

Day 15: more French knots, color of the far field emerging from under snow

Day 16: red, for the cardinal

Day 17: more red, for the cardinal

Day 18: white, for the unexpected dusting of snow

Day 19: seed stitch in the color of winter weeds

Day 20: French knots

Day 21: grey-brown, the color of the birch trees

This piece is a lot less white than I had anticipated, because we've had a surprisingly snow-free January here in Massachusetts. That might change this weekend, depending on how the storm on the  East Coast plays out. Will we get lots of snow, only a little, or none?


Corrie B said...

I bought the book today. Thanks for the inspiration!

Bonnie said...

Corrie, glad to hear you are inspired and I hope you like it!

Holly H. said...

I just found your 2016 Stitch on Pinterest, and then headed over to your blog. This is a wonderful project....and a very clever way to honor the book SLOW STITCH. What are the dimensions of the linen for
each month? Could the entire piece become a quilt or framed individually?

We were visiting Pennsylvania and had 32" of snow at my daughters.....and arrived home to Virginia to find 14" of snow which has paralyzed Richmond....our neighborhood streets have not been plowed. New Englanders would find visiting a snowy south very amusing.

Bonnie said...

Hi Holly. Thanks for leaving a comment! I am using a piece of linen 17 inches by 17 inches and when finished I will stretch each one over a 12 x 12 inch canvas. I'm not making a quilt and this project has no utilitarian purpose. I plan to exhibit the finished pieces.

foxyloon said...

This is very beautiful. It must be soothing. I will read your previous posts (I'm starting in the middle) Did you mention the threads you are using and their source?

Bonnie said...

Thanks, foxyloon. I am using Valdani perle cotton. Some colors are size 8, others are 12. As far as source goes, you can Google Valdani and find many online sources. I have gotten some colors online, some have been gifts, and some I have purchased at various New England sewing/quilting stores. Gather Here in Cambridge, MA has a nice selection.