Friday, January 15, 2016

Stitch Journal: Week 2

Colors of snow, tawny fields, and tree trunks this week, as the composition grows outward from the center.

Day 8: tiny running stitch

Stitch Journal 2016, Day 9

Day 10: white seed stitch, for the little bits of snow the rain hasn't yet washed away

Day 11: French knots the color of last year's leaves in sharp morning light

Day 12: color of tree bark

Day 13: white seed stitch, for the new snow

Day 14: more snow this morning, more white seed stitch

On Wednesday, I stitched away from home, as I spent the day at Kripalu for my birthday.

Here's a sketch I made while there (I had to wait until afternoon for the snow squalls to stop so I could see the hills and lake):

Finally, the snow squalls stopped so I could see the hills and lake and draw! #bonniesennott #drawing #sketch #kripalu #lakemahkeenac #berkshires

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