Saturday, July 01, 2017

Tour de Fleece 2017

Just as the Tour de France begins today, so does the annual Tour de Fleece. If you're a spinner, are you in?

Tour de Fleece 2017

This year, I've joined Team Spindlers and I'll be spinning up the Foxhill Farm Cormo/alpaca that I got at Rhinebeck last fall. My goal is to spin 30 minutes a day (more on challenge days)—I want to spin and/or ply as much of this lovely fiber as I can.  There are 111 grams left after my preliminary spinning/plying/swatching. 

Tour de Fleece 2017

I'm aiming for a fingering weight two-ply, hopefully enough to design and knit a cowl or other neckwear accessory to wear with my Spindler Mitts.

Spindler Mitts

We aren't having an official Blue Peninsula team this year, but a few of us who are participating in the Tour de Fleece have started a discussion thread where we can share our progress, photos, questions, tips, etc. If you're spinning and want some company, feel free to join in. You'll find us here.

Tour de Fleece 2017

P.S. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! 


Jane said...

I am not yet a spinner but that beautiful champagne colored fiber is tempting me. You will spin some lovely yarn. Happy Spinning.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Jane! "Champagne" seems like the perfect description of the color!