Monday, February 06, 2017

Stitch Journal 2017

Stitch Journal 2017 is nearly a month old—I started the new project on my birthday, January 13. This year, the journal's theme is "Presence/Absence." The subjects are found objects, both natural and manmade: negative space embroideries (worked on every day) are the "absence" part of the project; pencil drawings are the "presence" part.

The first subject in "Presence/Absence" is a rusty washer that I found some years ago at the farm in southern Illinois where my mother grew up. 

Stitch Journal 2017, first piece

As I worked on Stitch Journal 2016 and posted daily on Instagram last year, I discovered how much I enjoyed sharing works in progress and getting feedback from followers. This year, to document Stitch Journal 2017, I'm trying something new: a Patreon page

Patreon makes it possible for artists to raise much-needed funds for our artwork while giving fans a simple, easy way to support our work and see it develop. I aim to make my Patreon posts a far richer experience than is possible on Instagram—in addition to photos of works in progress, I'm posting (and answering questions) about the materials I use, embroidery and drawing resources, inspiring books and poetry, and details about each of the found objects I'm stitching and drawing. We've already had some interesting conversations about compositions that have been really useful to me, too!

Stitch Journal 2017: Day 14

For as little as $1 a month, you get access to all of my Patreon posts. Your support will help me raise funds for Stitch Journal 2016—for stretchers needed to finish the 12 pieces, professional photography, a website, and frames and other expenses of promoting and exhibiting the work. There are patronage levels above $1, too—with rewards like free knitting patterns from my Ravelry pattern store, lavender eye pillows from my Etsy shop, one-of-a-kind embroidery pieces created just for you, and Stitch Journal 2016 postcards. 

Stitch Journal 2016 Postcards

With only a few more patrons, I'll reach my first fundraising goal of $100 month—pretty exciting! I hope you'll join me on Patreon to follow the progress of my 2017 project and keep up with news about Stitch Journal 2016. 

Stitch Journal 2017, Day 23

Thank you very much for reading.

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