Friday, January 06, 2017

Stitch Journal 2016: Final Days

In the final days of my 2016 Stitch Journal, colors ranged from browns for winter weeds, field stubble, and squirrels; to orange for a leaping fox; to red for bittersweet. On December 31, I ended the year as I began it last January, with white seed stitches, for snow.

Day 358
Stitch Journal, Day 358

Day 359
Stitch Journal, Day 359

Day 360
Stitch Journal, Day 360

Day 361
Stitch Journal, Day 361

Day 362
Stitch Journal, Day 362

Day 363
Stitch Journal, Day 363

Day 364
Stitch Journal, Day 364

Day 365
Stitch Journal, Day 365

Day 366
Stitch Journal 2016: Day 366. Final Day!

By stitching every day for a year, I proved to myself that art can be a daily practice and need not be relegated to "spare time." This was incredibly affirming to me as an artist. It was also a real pleasure to spend a year observing nature each morning in my corner of western Massachusetts. Thanks to this project, I feel more deeply tied than ever to the place where I live.

Best of all, those following me on Instagram grew to anticipate my daily posts—and knowing how much they looked forward to each day's stitching made me very happy. This was easily the most satisfying project of my career as an artist, thanks in no small part to the delight expressed by my Instagram followers. Even though I sometimes felt tethered to social media, I'm so glad I shared this journey every day, all year. And I look forward to witnessing the seeds I have planted grow, as others begin their own stitch journals!

Here is a shot of four of the months together (January, March, October, and December):

Stitch Journal 2016: January, March, October, December

Next steps? I need to raise funds for stretchers, professional photography, and a website. After that, I'll seek exhibition opportunities for the project, so you can come see it in person. 

Many followers have asked if I will have a new Stitch Journal this year, and the answer is a resounding "yes!" The theme for 2017 will be "Presence/Absence." I'll begin it on my birthday, January 13, and it will involve both embroidery and drawings. I will document it on my new Patreon page.

I hope you enjoyed this year of daily art and stitching. Thank you so much for following along. 



InnaC said...

I loved your stitch journal - it has inspired me to start my own year of stitching. Can't wait to see your new project!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Inna!