Thursday, December 01, 2016

Stitch Journal: Highlights of Weeks 46-48

With all the busyness of November—new pattern releases, the Indie Design Gift-a-Long, Thanksgiving—I've fallen a bit behind with my weekly Stitch Journal posts. Sorry about that! Of course, I've continued to stitch every day, and post on Instagram. But the blog suffered a little. 

So rather than post a long string of photos, I thought today I'd share a few highlights of the past weeks. Overall, November was visually quieter than October, with more subtle, less saturated colors. One little tree (not sure what kind) held onto its lemon-yellow leaves for longer than all the others, so over several days I stitched a golden circle of French knots.

Day 319
Stitch Journal,'Day 319

Day 320
Stitch Journal, Day 320

The dense wildflowers at the eastern edge of the yard—where all summer the groundhogs feasted on the leaves of the Joe Pye weed—are now dry stalks of a marvelous brick-red color. They're especially beautiful in sharp morning light. That color went into the journal as well, along with greys and browns for squirrels and birch bark.

Day 324
Stitch Journal, Day 324

Day 328
Stitch Journal, Day 328

And then, there's the bittersweet: brights bits of red and orange among the bramble at the far western side of the yard, where the woods begin. For the bittersweet, I stitched red crosses and orange French knots over several days.

Day 325
Stitch Journal, Day 325

Day 327
Stitch Journal, Day 327

Faded leaves, frost on the fields: pale colors dominated in the last week of November.

Day 331
Stitch Journal, Day 331

And now, here we are at the final month of the year and of the project: today I began stitching the December piece, white French knots for droplets of water sparkling on bare branches.

Day 336
Stitch Journal, Day 336

Morning, December 1, 2016

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