Friday, November 04, 2016

Stitch Journal, Weeks 43 and 44

The past couple of weeks have brought everything from snow (snow in October!) to frost to warm days that felt almost like summer. As a result, the colors of my Stitch Journal have run the gamut from white to reds, yellows, and browns. 

Lately I've begun thinking about next year. When I finish the December piece, should I begin a new stitch journal project for 2017? I enjoy my early morning stitching and feel very committed to daily embroidery. But I'm unsure what the concept would be or what form the piece(s) would take.

I'm also unsure about daily posting on social media. I have faithfully posted each day's stitching on Instagram throughout 2016 and will continue through the end of the year. I wouldn't want to let down followers who say they look forward to each day's post! But some days I feel like the time and energy and "mental awareness" consumed by social media diminishes the time and energy I have for actually doing what I love—looking at the world and quietly observing. Also, daily posting makes every day of the week feel a little bit like a workday, with a task that must be completed even on Sundays, even when I've been sick or on vacation. So that's something to think about for next year, too. 

Well, there's plenty of time to decide! Without further ado, here are the daily images from Weeks 43 and 44. 

Day 295
Stitch Journal, Day 295

Day 296
Stitch Journal, Day 296

Day 297
Stitch Journal, Day 297

Day 298
Stitch Journal, Day 298

Day 299
Stitch Journal, Day 299

Day 300
Stitch Journal, Day 300

Day 301
Stitch Journal, Day 301

Day 302
Stitch Journal, Day 302

Day 303
Stitch Journal, Day 303

Day 304
Stitch Journal, Day 304

Day 305 (October 31)
Stitch Journal, Day 305

Day 306 (November 1)
Stitch Journal, Day 306, November 1, 2016

Day 307
Stitch Journal, Day 307

Day 308
Stitch Journal, Day 308

If you are enjoying my Stitch Journal project, I hope you'll consider making a purchase from my Etsy Shop to help support it. Funds are needed for stretchers, professional photography, and a website to serve as home for this project and my other artwork.

If you don't wish to make a purchase but just want to support the project, you can do that, too. Thank you!


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