Friday, September 16, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 37

Stitched this week: more light brown/beige back stitch, for wilted and crumpled nasturtium leaves. Brick red back stitch, for sumac leaves turning scarlet. Sheaf stitch in grey-brown, for tree trunks in shadow.

And a couple of different greens, on different days (sheaf stitch and running stitch) for leaves that haven't turned color yet. Green is still the dominant color in the landscape, but there's a feeling of diminishment in the air. The hummingbirds are gone and the tall Joe Pye weed and Jerusalem Artichokes have stopped blooming. I'm trying not to mind the later sunrises and the cooler mornings, but I can't help feeling sad. I hate saying good-bye to summer!

Day 253
Stitch Journal, Day 253

Day 254
Stitch Journal, Day 254

Day 255
Stitch Journal, Day 255

Day 256
Stitch Journal, Day 256

Day 257
Stitch Journal, Day 257

Day 258
Stitch Journal, Day 258

Day 259
Stitch Journal,mDay 259

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Carolyn said...

I am also sad when summer ends.
I have been enjoying your stitches.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. I'm glad you're enjoying them, Carolyn.