Saturday, August 27, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 34

Colors stitched into the Stitch Journal this week: golden yellow, for zinnias; lots of greens, for the grass and leaves; tawny ochre, for leaves beginning to change; orange, for jewelweed. 

I find myself focused on listening to the yard recently—cicadas, crickets, chickadees and goldfinches, hummingbirds, chipmunks, distant hawks, katydids—trying to take it all in and preserve it, to "put it by" so I can come back to all this richness during winter's silence.

Day 232
Stitch Journal, Day 232

Day 233
Stitch Journal, Day 233

Day 234
Stitch Journal, Day 234

Day 235
Stitch Journal, Day 235

Day 236
Stitch Journal, Day 236

Day 237
Stitch Journal, Day 237

Day 238
Stitch Journal, Day 238

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