Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 32

This week's stitches and colors: lots of green, dark and light, for grass refreshed by rain, tall wildflowers, shadows under leaves on rainy mornings. Yellow, for the Jerusalem artichokes shooting up behind the Joe Pye weed. Orange, for the last of the day lilies. Dusty rose, for a fading zinnia. 

It's still summer. There's no doubt about that as I type sitting right in front of a fan (which only relieves the mugginess a little). But there's definitely a feeling of change in the air, a hint of winding down. "Stitch our bright colors while we're still here," say the zinnias and nasturtiums.

Day 218
Stitch Journal, Day 218

Day 219
Stitch Journal, Day 219

Day 220
Stitch Journal, Day 220

Day 221
Stitch Journal, Day 221

Day 222
Stitch Journal, Day 222

Day 223
Stitch Journal, Day 223

Day 224
Stitch Journal, Day 224

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