Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stitch Journal: Week 28

Ahh, July. It's so incredibly green, but this week I chose to stitch other colors instead. Like the pale beige of the undersides of leaves blown across the grass by a storm. The orange of nasturtiums and the pink of zinnias. The yellow of goldfinches and patches of light on the grass in early morning. The delicate off-white of chipmunk's stripes and clover. The grey-white of birch bark.

Day 190
Stitch Journal, Day 190

Day 191
Stitch Journal, Day 191

Day 192
Stitch Journal, Day 192

Day 193
Stitch Journal, Day 193

Day 194
Stitch Journal, Day 194

Day 195
Stitch Journal, Day 195

Day 196
Stitch Journal, Day 196

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