Friday, June 24, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 25

This week I stitched the colors of cardinals, tree trunks in shadow, walnut leaves, the sky at dawn, goldfinches, and the rings around the chipmunks' eyes.

If you'd like to see the project on a daily basis, follow my Instagram feed. I post there immediately after stitching each day.

Day 169
Stitch Journal, Day 169

Day 170
Stitch Journal, Day 170

Day 171
Stitch Journal, Day 171

Day 172
Stitch Journal, Day 172

Day 173
Stitch Journal, Day 173

Day 174
Stitch Journal, Day 174

Day 175 
Stitch Journal, Day 175

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Lee said...

So beautiful!!

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Lee! I'm doing a double post for weeks 26 and 27 later this week or next weekend - I gave myself a week off from blogging for the holiday. :-)