Friday, June 17, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 24

I continued working satin stitch this week, until the terrible news of the mass shooting in Orlando. The next morning I stitched white French knots, for those whose lives were cut short.

Why is it still so easy for individuals to obtain military weapons like semiautomatic rifles? When will we finally put better gun control laws in place? How many times does this have to happen? Why, why, why?

Sad news came over the radio each morning this week, while I stitched and observed the beauty outside my window. Such a study in contrasts. Violence in the news, but here—peace. Finches and cardinals. Phoebes and common yellowthroats. Mourning doves cooing. Chipmunks chipping and scampering through the grass.

The small brown stitches are for the chipmunks and the groundhog that's been active around the edges of the yard on recent evenings. 

Day 162
Stitch Journal, Day 162

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Stitch Journal, Day 163

Day 164
Stitch Journal, Day 164

Day 165
Stitch Journal, Day 165

Day 166
Stitch Journal, Day 166

Day 167
Stitch Journal, Day 167

Day 168
Stitch Journal, Day 168

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