Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Etsy Shop Update (and Free Shipping!)

Multicolor circles eye pillow

New in my Etsy shop.—a pretty eye pillow stitched with overlapping circles in delicate colors. It's embroidered with the same naturally dyed Valdani threads that I use for my Stitch Journal project. I decided that, since the circles I stitched for the May stitch journal piece were so popular on Instagram, I'd use them for a new eye pillow design.

New eye pillows

My eye pillows are filled with a half cup each of lavender, flax seed, and rice. They weigh 6–7 ounces—just the right weight for soothing tired eyes—and make a fragrant and thoughtful gift, whether for a friend or for yourself. 

New eye pillows! Which is your favorite? Freshly listed in my Etsy shop (link in profile) #bonniesennott #etsy #lavender #embroidery #stitching #yoga

There are now seven different pillows for you to choose from. And through June 30, I'm offering free shipping. Just use the coupon code FREESHIP2016 when you check out.

Sashiko rice stitch

When I posted the new pillow on Instagram the other day, a customer who purchased a pillow for his mother left a comment that really warmed my heart: he said she raves about her pillow and uses it every day to relieve the symptoms of various eye problems.

Stitching and sewing these eye pillows is a quiet, meditative activity. When I wrap each order and send it off, I hope those same qualities travel with the pillow to its recipient.

Eye pillow

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