Friday, April 15, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 15

Hard to believe more than 100 days have passed! I admit, there are days when I have doubts about this project, when I worry it is absurd or has no value.

And yet—I continue. Because it brings me joy. Because I can't not. And because I know some of you who are following the project here on the blog or on Instagram or Flickr are enjoying it as well. You have been kind enough to tell me that. And some have even been inspired to start their own daily stitch journals.

The project and the year are rolling along, like the eyelet wheels I introduced this week. The past week brought longer days and lots of yellow in the form of dandelions and forsythia. Brighter light and more green everywhere. A feeling of possibility and adventure is in the air.

Day 99
Stitch Journal, Day 99

Day 100
Stitch Journal, Day 100

Day 101
Stitch Journal, Day 101

Day 102
Stitch Journal, Day 102

Day 103
Stitch Journal, Day 103

Day 104
Stitch Journal, Day 104

Day 105
Stitch Journal, Day 105

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Judy Martin said...

lovely work
and so playful.

Full of joy.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Judy!