Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stitch Journal, Week 12

Every morning of the last seven has been different ... there's been greenness, whiteness (more snow!), greyness. The most striking change has been the birds. They're singing so much more, and earlier.

This morning I saw a Carolina wren checking out the nesting box a neighbor put up a few years back. I haven't stitched his russet color into the journal yet, but I will (the bird's russet color, not the neighbor's—he has moved away).

Day 78
Stitch Journal, Day 78

Day 79
Stitch Journal, Day 79

Day 80
Stitch Journal, Day 80

Day 81
Stitch Journal, Day 81

Day 82
Stitch Journal, Day 82

Day 83
Stitch Journal, Day 83

Day 84
Stitch Journal, Day 84

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