Sunday, November 01, 2015

Embroidery Workshops at Knack

I so appreciate the "extra" hour today. It feels luxurious. I spent mine stitching this morning . . .

Sunday morning stitching (walnut pincushion by @cozymemories ) #bonniesennott #stitch #embroidery #dailyembroidery

This is my current wrinkle embroidery piece. I call them that because I begin by randomly wrinkling linen, then stitching along the wrinkle lines in brown thread. Over and around the wrinkle lines, I'm stitching running stitch and French knots in white and cream.

Abstract stitching

October was so busy. Deadlines to meet and extra hours at the day job and little time for stitching. When I don't have time for daily art practice, I begin to feel low and out of sorts. It's time to get back into my daily embroidery habit, starting today.

This piece will eventually be stretched over a square canvas, like these two:

Sennott_The Fallen Stars_600
Bonnie Sennott, Wrinkle Embroidery VII (The Fallen Stars), 2015, perle cotton on linen

My piece titled Wrinkle Embroidery VI is on view at Gallery A3 in Amherst, MA through 8/2. Perle cotton on linen. #fiberartnow #embroidery
Bonnie Sennott, Wrinkle Embroidery VI, 2014, perle cotton on linen

If you're in the vicinity of western Massachusetts and would like to try your hand at embroidery—or maybe get back into it—I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming classes at Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse at Eastworks in Easthampton. I'm teaching Embroidery Basics on Saturday, November 14, and Fun Stitches (colorful embellished and woven stitches) on Saturday, December 5. All supplies are provided.

Stitching in Progress

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday. What are you doing with your "extra" hour?

P.S. The tiny walnut pincushion? It's by Sonia of Cozy Memories.


Inna Carlson said...

Wrinkle embroidery?! What a wonderful idea!

I love your walnut pincushion as well. :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Inna.

I love it, too!

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

We switched hour a week before you did.
You embroideries are outstanding, Bonnie, well done !
Thanks a lot for the mention, so glad you use the tiny walnut pincushion ! :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Sonia!

Kevin Nguyen said...

So great post !