Monday, March 27, 2017


Lace looks so unimpressive while you're knitting it ...

Cowl in progress

The rumpled stitches are like ugly ducklings, awaiting their transformation ...

Fibre Co. Meadow design in progress

But once lace gets a good soak in wool wash and is blocked, it's an ugly duckling no more. How I love that part of the process! It never fails to make my heart leap just a little (sometimes a lot).

Cowl Blocking

This is a new cowl design I'm working on, knit in Fibre Co. Meadow, a light fingering (almost laceweight) yarn. Usually, I like to audition a few yarns for a design, to get a feel for what fiber content and weight might be best. But once I made a couple swatches with Meadow, I felt no need to look at other yarns. Without a doubt, this rustic blend of merino, baby llama, silk, and linen was "the one." 

There's still some work to do on the pattern, plus photography, but it won't be too long a wait. Look for the pattern in early April.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We're KALing!

The Shawls Etc. KAL started just last week, and already quite a few beautiful projects have been cast on. We've also been discussing podcasts, why we love knitting shawls, knitting in public, and other fun stuff. It's off to a great start!

Among the projects folks are making for the KAL: Firehouse Alley Cowl, from knit.wear fall 2016, which I knit in the soft and springy Elsa Wool Cormo Fingering (2 skeins, or about 900 yards).

This wide, lace-and-texture cowl is knit flat from a provisional cast-on. After blocking, the two ends can either be grafted or joined with a three-needle bind-off.

Firehouse Alley Cowl by Bonnie Sennott

Hop Brook is another popular KAL project—which I knit in the very same yarn (yes, I love it that much!). This shawl takes just one skein (or about 450 yards). A pleasing mix of garter stitch and lace, it's knit from one end to the other, gradually increasing to the center, then decreasing. 

Hop Brook Shawl by Bonnie Sennott

Next week, we'll have a Jeopardy-style Trivia Tuesday in the KAL, where free patterns will be given away. There will be another Trivia Tuesday later on, too. The KAL goes until April 20, so everyone can work at a comfortable, not-stressful pace. Hope to see you!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Pattern Update: Golden Valley Shawl

Golden Valley Shawl, by Bonnie Sennott

Pattern update news! Golden Valley, originally published on New Year's Day, has been expanded to include both fingering weight and sport weight versions.

Golden Valley Shawl by Bonnie Sennott

I knit the new fingering weight sample of Golden Valley in Anzula Squishy, a blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon. It's so light and airy—perfect for spring and summer.

Golden Valley Shawl by Bonnie Sennott

If you've already purchased the pattern, not to worry—a new, expanded pattern PDF will appear in your Ravelry library, ready for download.

Golden Valley Shawl by Bonnie Sennott

Golden Valley would be an ideal project for the upcoming Shawls Etc. KAL in the Ravelry Blue Peninsula group. Not up for making a shawl? That's OK—knit a scarf or cowl instead.

The KAL starts March 15 and continues through April 20. In addition to several lovely prizes, we're going to have pattern giveaways on Trivia Tuesdays. Hope to see you!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Shawls Etc. KAL Starts March 15

Shawls Etc. KAL 2017

Save the dates! We've got a new KAL starting soon in the Ravelry Blue Peninsula group.

The Shawls Etc. KAL starts March 15 and ends April 20 — five full weeks to knit any of my shawl, cowl, or scarf designs

I hope you'll be able to join us. Pop over anytime to chat and see the prizes, including something new: Trivia Tuesdays!

Golden Valley Shawl, blocking

Meanwhile, today I'm blocking the new fingering weight version of my Golden Valley Shawl, knit in the Hippo colorway of Anzula Squishy. Later this week, I'll update the pattern to include yardage, needles, and dimensions for both fingering and sport weight yarns. If you've already purchased it, you'll get a free pattern update in your Ravelry library.

Until then, have a great Sunday — and happy knitting!