Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Scarlet Stitching

Stitching in Progress

This morning while I was stitching near the window, a cardinal flew up to my balcony to eat some seed the chickadees and finches had knocked out of the feeder. The flash of red reminded me that, a few weeks ago, it was the sight of a cardinal in my backyard that inspired me to add deep red to my current embroidery piece. 

Stitching in Progress

One thing I love about embroidery: I can take it anywhere. A couple mornings ago, my "studio" was the Lady Killigrew Cafe at the Montague Bookmill, where I watched the rushing water of the Sawmill River as I stitched.

Stitching in Progress

That morning I also made good progress on a lace shawl. I can't reveal details of the design or the color just yet, but how about an artfully obscured black-and-white image?

Secret lace knitting

Much as I love my home, I also love working on creative projects away from home. The change of scenery, sounds, and light is invigorating. And it's nice to be surrounded by others who are writing, sketching, reading, dayreaming. Do you have a favorite spot away from home for your creative work?


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Other than home.. I enjoy knitting and chatting on the bus commuting to work. I see pretty scenery out the windows and chat with some of the ladies.

annette said...

Thank you for the reminder to get out and stitch somewhere else. I most often do handwork on my sofa or occasionally on a blanket on the back lawn but rarely outside my home unless I'm traveling. One of the many reasons I adore train travel best. Maybe a cafe is just the thing I'm needing to get reinvigorated about my cross stitch piece.

Bonnie said...

I haven't been on a train in so long. What a nice idea.

Karin said...

I like to go to Northampton and sit with a friend :)
But I also like my own back yard, where I listen to birds and insects and the neighborhood noises.