Friday, May 23, 2014

Golden on a Rainy Day

Lilacs at the Emily Dickinson Homestead

Lilacs are everywhere these days. They make me not care if it's sunny or rainy—either way, the lilacs look and smell terrific. I shot these the other day behind the Emily Dickinson Homestead in Amherst.

A lilac hue has been on my knitting needles during the past month—a lace design in laceweight yarn. The photo shoot last weekend went really well, and the pattern's currently being edited. So, things are moving along and I look forward to sharing it with you next month.

I've got a new sock design moving along as well, knit in Watercolors from Periwinkle Sheep in the Gold Rush colorway ...

Sock Design in Progress

Sock Design in Progress

Sock Design in Progress

Sock Design in Progress

Since I'm publishing this one myself, I'm not obligated to keep it a secret (unlike another project I'm busy with). The pattern will offer two sizes, and I'm also thinking of including two versions, sort of "his and hers"—one with lace at the calf and one without. What do you think? 

I've been a little stressed, a little overwhelmed by too much to do lately, so finishing the big lilac-colored project and photographing it last weekend felt really, really good. Yesterday, I actually had free time—lots!—so I headed up to the Montague Bookmill (you may remember I wrote about the Bookmill at Comet Party last fall). It was the perfect, cozy place to be in the pouring rain. I got some golden sock knitting done and enjoyed checking out my new circus stamps over a glass of red wine at the Lady Killigrew

At the Lady Killigrew

It's overcast again today, and there's a good chance of rain tomorrow, too. But I won't let that stop me going to the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. I've signed up for a drop spindle workshop so I can finally learn to use the beautiful Golding spindle that my sister Jenny gave me. 

Golden Spindle

Do you spin? Got any advice for me? What roving would you recommend for an absolute beginner? There will be lots to choose from at the fair, I'm sure.

Hope you have a great weekend, and for those in the U.S.—hope your Memorial Day is sunny and bright!


teabird said...

Enjoy your beautiful spindle! I'd suggest BFL as your first fiber. It has a nice, long staple (length of each "hair" so it won't be dropping nearly as much as a fiber with a shorter staple, it's soft, and it's lovable - even for an experienced spinner.

Yes on the lace cuff option for the sock - although I'd use the pattern as is, especially in such a lovely, glowing color.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the BFL suggestion!

Barb T. said...

Bonnie, your sock looks beautiful. When the pattern is available, it will be purchased.