Friday, February 14, 2014

More Snow Day Stitching

Creative mess: my favorite kind ...


Thanks to another Nor'easter yesterday, I received the beautiful gift of extra time for all kinds of stitching.



Snow Day Snickers

Snickers rarely left her "station" by the picture windows yesterday. The birds kept coming, as long as I kept tossing out sunflower seeds.

My yard looks like this now:

Woodpecker and Snow

Lovely, isn't it? Even so, I feel "done" with winter and snow. I think my new hat design, with its lilac color and leafy lace motif, expresses that sentiment pretty well.


I cast on a week ago for the Ravellenic Games and finished up yesterday. Look for the pattern later this month!

Time now for my morning stitching. It's Day 33 on my current daily embroidery piece.


Happy Valentine's Day and Full Moon!

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Leigh said...

Yay for snow day knitting! But I hear you, I'm done with cold and snow for this year too. I look forward to seeing your finished embroidered circles work, the colours are so pretty!