Sunday, January 05, 2014

Alive and Swatching

These short, short days drive me crazy. I'm working on a swatch and thinking about the next blog post and suddenly I realize that, although it's only 3:00 pm, the light is already waning. If I'm going to take any pictures for the blog this weekend, it must happen now.

Swatch Five

Lots of swatch knitting—that's basically what my weekend has consisted of. I can't really show you anything specific—but trust me, many stitches have been knit.

Alive and Swatching

I'll have something lovely to share, very soon. In the meantime, I can show you Little Mint. Thanks to lots of TLC, she's thriving despite the short days.

Little Mint

Are the Ravellenic Games (February 7–23) on your radar yet? Once again, there will be a Team Blue Peninsula. To sign up, send a message on Ravelry to team captain Heather; see her post in our Ravelry group for details.

There will be fun, there will be prizes, and—of course—plenty of knitting while watching the Olympics. Come join us! You don't have to knit one of my designs to be on Team Blue Peninsula—knit whatever you like, so long as it's a challenge for you.

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