Monday, September 30, 2013

The Days March On

Here we are, about to shake hands with October. How could that be? Already? Ah well, October is a reliably beautiful month here in New England. That makes it easier to let go of my "where did the summer go?" thoughts.

As soon as I finished the black and red daily embroidery piece I posted about last time, I started the next:

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

For this one, I'm stitching ovals, one per day. I first embroider the oval in back stitch, in brown. Then I stitch in and/or around it—French knots one day, seed stitch the next, using white, pale yellow, and ecru in succession.

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

Someone asked me recently if I intend for people to be able to discern the order in which I stitch each element of these daily embroidery pieces. The answer is no—that would be kind of crazy making for me! I'm not sure how I would manage it unless I always followed a strict calendar-style composition or numbered each day's work.

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

It's a very happy part of each day, this daily embroidery. I usually stitch early in the morning. That way, no matter what the rest of the day brings, I have made time for art.

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

I like that each day's work can be big or small, complex or simple. And there's a sense of adventure—how will it all turn out?

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

Today is Day Five of the new ovals piece. The smallest oval so far, ringed by French knots:

Daily Embroidery--Ovals

Over the weekend I worked out a design for my Embroidery II class, coming up November 16 at Knack:

Three Flowers

In Embroidery II you'll try your hand at stem stitch, chain stitch, long and short blanket stitch, eyelet wheels, satin stitch, and fly stitch. You'll also learn ways to transfer an image to fabric. Everybody will get this design to take home and stitch onto whatever they like—towels, napkins, pillow cases, etc.

New to embroidery? Start with Embroidery I on October 19—there are still a few spots left.

The classroom area at Knack is filled with beautiful light; it's a really pleasant place to be. And starting this week, you can hang out there on Work on It Wednesdays. Work on a project in progress, or start a new one, or just spend time with other creative folks and get inspired. I love that it's not limited to any particular medium or craft. Should be fun!


Tierney Barden said...

Beautiful marks, Bonnie! So glad you have that happy time each day - it's so important, isn't it? I've picked up Goodnough again and it's my happy time each day!

Anonymous said...


I find your embroidery art so creative and inspiring. How do you display - use your creations? I would love to see photographs.

Bordergirl on Ravelry

Bonnie said...

Hi! They are artworks and not meant to be used. Some are stretched over canvas and displayed like paintings. Other are hung from a dowel rod. I will be having them professionally photographed soon and look forward to showing them in their finished state.

You can see one (not very good) photograph of a finished piece at this link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie,

I look forward to seeing the photographs of your artwork. I am sure it will be stunning.


amy lou said...

HI Bonnie, I used one of your photos if it's not OK I will take it down ASAP. Sorry to leave a comment but I couldn't find an email. I am SOOO inspired by your stitching! The black n red is beyond eye candy.
the website is and it's under the teaching tab. xxoo

Bonnie said...

Hi Amy Lou. Of course you can use my photo - I'm honored!