Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Stitch Report

I'm putting the finishes touches on a new shawl pattern, and hope to publish it very soon. In the meantime, how about a report on stitching? I'm 28 days into my current daily embroidery piece:

Day 27

For this one, I'm using running stitch only, horizontal one day, vertical the next. Black thread Monday through Saturday, red on Sundays.

Daily embroidery in progress

Black and red daily embroidery 3

I've also got a new wrinkle embroidery piece going, which I got back to yesterday after neglecting it for awhile (due to the shawl pattern).

Wrinkle embroidery in progress

When it's done the wrinkle piece will be stretched over a canvas, like the others in that series. I'll soon have enough finished embroidery pieces, both daily embroidery and wrinkle embroidery, to have them photographed and launch a new website for my artwork. That was one of my goals for 2013—and it's exciting to be nearly there!

Western Massachusetts readers: If you'd like to try your hand at stitching, come join me Saturday, August 31 at Knack in Easthampton, where I'll be teaching an embroidery workshop. You'll learn everything you need to know to make these embroidered sachets:

Embroidered Herbal Sachets

If you don't already have hoops or needles or thread, no worries—all supplies will be provided, including a fragrant mix of chamomile, lavender, and rosemary for filling your sachet.

It's a perfect class if you're a beginner—and a nice way to get back into stitching if you're rusty. You can sign up online at Knack. Hope to see you!


Kimberly Wachtel said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thank you for a great class last Sat. at Knack. I'm very inspired by what I learned from you. I've been doing embroidery at home. I like your blog. You're are such a talented knitter too!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for your comment, Kimberly. Glad you enjoyed the class!

Kimberly Wachtel said...

I'm writing a blog entry where I mention you, your class and Knack. It should be up sometime tomorrow if you want to check it out. It was nice to meet you and thank you again for sharing your knowledge and interests!