Thursday, August 01, 2013

Blueberries and Dragonflies

July rushed by. Mostly I felt like shouting, "Slow down! Put your feet up! Stay a while!" Except during the heat wave, which really overstayed its welcome.

July brought berries and frozen yoghurt and ice cream ...

Cool dessert for a hot July

Ice cream truck

A day trip to New York, where my sisters and I saw the marvelous James Turrell installation at the Guggenheim and walked most of the High Line ...

Sunflowers and Sisters

On the High Line

Cool water on the High Line

End of the High Line

Another day trip to the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, where there's lots of art by Red Grooms, including a "soft" NYC bus you could hang out in ...

Red Grooms bus, Brattleboro Art Museum

Red Grooms bus, Brattleboro Art Museum

July brought lots of critters to draw and photograph ...


Lost and Found Sketchbook

Poised for flight

Blue dasher

And knitting, of course! Swatches for sweater ideas, and a new shawl design begun ...


Shawl design start

Shawl with nupps

After the last heat wave broke, we had some cool mornings, low 60s—cool enough to throw Wonderberry over my shoulders. I'm not a hot weather person, so 60s? Heaven!

Cool Morning!

How was your July?


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Mom

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Mom!