Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Squam, Randomly

Joyous Arrival

See that blue pom pom on the Squam Art Workshops sign? It was a harbinger of things to come ...

Neon Pink

Green on Green

Felted Mushrooms

Flower Power!

Squam Pom Pom

Some looked so real, you did a double take.

Blue Fiber Flowers

There was, of course, much natural beauty, too.

At Needle Point

Squam Lake under Cloudy Skies

Squam Duck

Wood Supports Below Rockywold Dining Hall

Orange Fungus

What I did at Squam: I sewed pajamas in a class with Cal Patch and knit up swatches in classes with Franklin Habit and Stephen West. (One swatch has become a cat toy for Snickers.)

Squam pajamas

Perfect Pajamas Class

Pajama Trims!

Color Play Swatch

Color Play Swatch Transformed

At every meal, I checked out the inspiring projects on the gallery tables in Rockywold dining hall.




There was sun, there was rain. There was coffee, tea, and sometimes wine around the fire in my cabin, Shingle Blessedness.

Tea during Rain, Shingle Blessedness

Loons in Our Living Room, Shingle Blessedness

Fireplace, Shingle Blessedness

Sun Returns to Shingle Blessedness

Shirley sewed a smock:

Fab Squam Smock

Laurel jumped in the lake:

Brave Laurel

Julie got to know the ins and outs of F-stops and ISO:

Squamette Julie

And Nancy was handy at looking things up on her phone:

Shingle Blessedness Squamettes_1

We residents of Shingle Blessedness were happy campers indeed (despite rain causing seriously bad hair days for some of us).

Shingle Blessedness Squamettes_2

At Ravelry Revelry on Saturday, I got to hear the amazingly talented Anne Hanson speak about her design process and her new line of Bare Naked Wools yarns. And I was thrilled when she offered to model my Birchleaf cowl, knit in BNW's Breakfast Blend fingering.

Anne Hanson Modeling Birchleaf

Squam Art Workshops founder Elizabeth seemed to be everywhere, always ready to answer a question or solve a problem. My favorite Elizabeth moment? At breakfast on the last day, when she rang her bell, then asked all the dining hall staff (mostly teenagers) to line up in front of the fireplace so that we could show our appreciation. The applause went on for a long time; we even gave them a standing ovation.

She Makes Squam Happen

Now it's over, and there's nothing to do but savor the memories and daydream about going back ... that, and sew more cute pajamas!

Squam Love

Sparkling heart by Harriett Goodall 


Elizabeth Duvivier said...

oh Bonnie! you always have the most beautiful wrap-ups . . love your photos and recollections. I will share this at the squam blog as soon as I get that up. xooxox, e

Evelyn said...


Andee said...

Oh it looks like such an amazing time. I really hope one of these years I can go for myself. It must be an amazing time.

Christine said...

you really captured the essence of Squam in your photos. It was grand, wasn't it?

Bonnie said...

Yes, it was grand!

Bonnie said...

I should mention that the food at the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps is first-rate! As a person on a gluten-free diet, I appreciated all the GF options at every meal. GF Pumpkin-Ginger Whoopie Pies, oh my! GF blueberry crumble!