Sunday, May 05, 2013

Charting, Swatching, Stitching

Spring! It's here and it's beautiful. Twice this weekend I walked on the Emily Dickinson trail in Amherst:

Sunday Hike

The trail winds along next to a lovely brook. Sometimes you're in woods and other times in fields where the trail becomes quite sandy. Walking and the listening to birds and the soaking in sunlight were a good balance to all the knitting I did this weekend. There's lots happening on a project I really love, but unfortunately I can't show it. So that creates a bit of a problem—what to blog about if I have to keep much of the knitting in progress under wraps?

I can show you a couple of yarns that I will be using for future self-published designs: String Theory Caper Sock in Canyon and Swans Island Fingering in Seasmoke.

String Theory Caper Sock

Swans Island Fingering

I'll use the raspberry Swans Island, left over from my Shallows scarf, to swatch for a lace shawl that I'll knit in the Seasmoke. Today I spent a good part of the afternoon working out the charts. Next comes a swatch—fingers crossed I will like how what I charted looks, especially the transition from one stitch pattern to another.

Today was Day 22 of my current daily embroidery piece:

Day 22, Linen Scrap Daily Embroidery

I'm using seven colors in succession, one per day. So there's a sequence but there's also freedom—each day I choose whatever stitch pattern I feel is best as the composition grows outward in all directions from the center. Today's was seed stitch:

Linen Scrap Daily Embroidery, detail

It was hard at times staying indoors to work on such a gorgeous, sunny weekend! But I made good progress on the secret project, and I even worked a little on a two-year-old WIP, Sivia Harding's lovely Hanging Garden stole. I'm knitting it in a very fine silk/yak blend:

Hanging Garden

How about you—did your weekend include any knitting or stitching?


Denise said...

My yarn project of the weekend was un-winding a ball of 1100 yards of Claudia's Handpainted silk that I spilled Coke on. I re-skeined it and rinsed it and the WIP featherweight cardigan I am making with it. Hung it to dry then re-wound it into a center pull ball by hand. Not my favorite 'knitting' project....but I will be sure to tighten the cap on the soda bottle in the future!

Bonnie said...

Oh dear - not fun - glad it all worked out!

JE said...

This stole is simply gorgeous!!

Judy @