Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Ceremonial of Radishes

One morning in May 2010, I arrived at work to find just-picked radishes on my desk. Delighted by this unexpected gift from my friend and coworker Clarity, I grabbed a pencil and notebook and sketched them. Then I ate the radishes (they were delicious), and gave Clarity the drawing as a thank-you.

Every May since, she has brought me more radishes. Today was the 2013 Day of Drawn and Eaten Radishes:

Clarity's Radishes

Clarity's Radishes

This year they were extra sandy, and they tasted extra spicy:

Clarity's Radishes

Clarity's Radishes

Or maybe I should say, they were bittersweet—because this is the last year I'll be drawing Clarity's radishes. She's leaving Massachusetts soon, moving on to new adventures in Iowa City.

Clarity's Radishes

I'm happy I had the chance, four years running, to sketch these lovely and tasty "bundles of red and green" (to quote from Abbie Graham's Ceremonials of Common Days, below). Thank you, Clarity, for sharing the First Fruits of Your Garden with me! I hope you can keep on gardening in Iowa and wherever life takes you in the years ahead.

From Abbie Graham's Ceremonials of Common Days


annette said...

This is absolutely beautiful and moved my heart!

Shelda said...

Oh, what a lovely thing. And how lovely to share it with us as well.

I'm not even very fond of radishes, but that was beautiful.

Dixie said...

Beautiful drawings!