Sunday, May 26, 2013

14 Percent

"I read recently that you spend 14 percent of your life waiting." So a man told me the other day when I was sitting in an auto repair shop waiting room. "I didn't know that," I replied, while he sighed as though waiting were one of life's greatest burdens.

We knitters know it's no burden, ever. Not if you have your knitting with you.

New shawl design start 1

I was quite productive as I waited for an oil change and tire check Friday, and then for new tires and an alignment Saturday. I finalized the charts for a new lace shawl design and cast on. If it were sunny out, I might have gone for a walk while they worked on my car, but it was unseasonably cold and rainy. So I took the opportunity to get the shawl going.

New shawl design start 2

There was free Wifi, good coffee, and great light. And a sweet little baby bouncing up and down on his mother's knee blew me a kiss! I think I spent quite a bit more than 14 percent of my time waiting during the past two days, but I won't complain. It was a blessing.

New shawl design start 3

The yarn, by the way, is a new merino/silk fingering weight from the Periwinkle Sheep called Diamant. This spicy hot colorway is appropriately named Cayenne.


Fleur said...

LOL! Nope, no problems with waiting what so ever ;-) Good point!!

Enjoy your weekend! Ciao, Fleur

minipurl said...

Beautiful color!
I love waiting. Gives me more time to knit :)