Friday, January 25, 2013

Seven Blues, Day 25

Seven Blues, Day 25_3

Today is Day 25 of Seven Blues, which I began on New Year's Day.

Seven Blues, Day 25_1

It's nearing the size it needs to be for the canvas I want to stretch it over. Some days it grows more than others, depending on the time available for stitching. Progress also varies according to the stitches themselves—running stitch, for example, goes much faster than French knots.

Seven Blues, Day 25_2

Perhaps it will end next Tuesday, January 29. On that day I will be stitching with Color #1 and Stitch #1. I'll be right back where I began.

Seven Blues, Day 25_4

I am so enjoying these daily embroidery pieces. Not just the stitching, though that is of course satisfying. I like that they give me a way to be an artist every day. No matter how many hours of the day must be spent at my day job, at least when I am stitching, my true self is honored and given expression. There is no day, any longer, from which my creative work is absent.

I also love that these pieces are an adventure. The outcome is always something of a surprise.


Shelda said...

I so enjoy seeing what you're doing with these stitching projects, Bonnie! I decided years ago to narrow my focus to knitting, but it's great to have a reminder of how many wonderful ways to do needlework are out there.

And I love the meditative aspects of the projects you've chosen, and how their very limitations (or maybe it's just structure) are so encouraging of the process.


KPiep said...

You are making me wish that I was a bit more diligent with my own embroidery dreams....