Monday, January 28, 2013

Pattern Release: Stria

Announcing Stria, an asymmetrical, rectangular scarf/shawl that pairs a striking lace motif with bands of knit-purl texture.

Pattern: Stria, by Bonnie Sennott
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft, in the Barn Owl and Camper colorways
Needle: US 4/3.50mm

Stria is knit in two colors of fingering weight yarn. It can be made either as a scarf or as a shawl; the pattern gives instructions for both versions. (That's the scarf version in the photos.)



Stria can be worn lots of different ways, depending on your mood, your outfit, and (of course!) the weather. Wearing it French style—folded in half to form a loop, with the ends pulled through—accentuates the contrasting colors and textures.


For the sample, I used Brooklyn Tweed Loft, which is an American-made 100 percent Targhee-Columbia fingering weight wool. Loft somehow manages to be both rustic and elegant at the same time. And what a treat it was to knit up! It's real, honest-to-goodness wool that hasn't had the life processed out of it. I did find myself removing plant matter fairly often, but didn't mind one bit—wool comes from sheep, after all, and Loft pleasantly reminds you of that. In addition, it has lovely drape, especially after wet blocking. (It also comes in beautiful colors that cry out to be used together in colorwork. How I wish I had a Magic Stash Closet always full of Loft!)


This design doesn't require any out-of-the ordinary skills—just knit, purl, yarn overs, and basic increases and decreases. I'd say it's appropriate for an advanced beginner knitter. And the stitch patterns are offered in both written and charted form.

Find Stria in my Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy pattern shops. You can also get it on Facebook—just visit the shop on the Facebook Blue Peninsula page.


As always, expert technical editing was provided by Katherine Vaughan (who is not only an editor but also a talented designer).

Thank you very much for reading!


Madge Bloom said...

Wow, what a gorgeous scarf and your design and colors are soft and the textures interesting! I looked at the patterns you've created. Do you think a rather amateur knitter could make 'Hunky Dory?' I LOVE that one! I have some lovely yarn from another blogger at 'Sheeps and Peeps Farm,' that I'd like to use...

KPiep said...

Very cozy!