Friday, January 04, 2013

Ink, Thread, Yarn, Snow, Om

Three days of R&R at Kripalu—what a perfect way to begin the year. I worked lots on a new design ...

Design in progress

Sketched ...

Kripalu Sketch_1

Kripalu Sketch_2

And stitched on Seven Blues, the new daily embroidery piece that I began on New Year's Day. I'm using seven different blues in succession, and four different stitches, round and round in a spiral.

Seven Blues, Day Four

With a high of about 18F yesterday, I never even set foot outdoors. But today was warmer, so I went out for a long walk.

I made a snow angel ...

My Kripalu Snow Angel

And walked to the center of the labyrinth, where the Buddha was buried up to his ears in snow and sported a snowy cap:

Snow-Covered Buddha, Kripalu Labyrinth

The field that looked like this last July:

Kripalu Poppy Field_1

Looked like this today:

Snowy Field, Kripalu

Between the whirlpool, awesome food, great yoga classes, friendly people, beautiful grounds and views, and cozy sunroom, there is so much to love about Kripalu. I left reluctantly, stopping to say goodbye to Saint Francis (the building used to be a Jesuit seminary) ...

Saint Francis in Winter, Kripalu

And took in the lovely view one last time ... End of Day, Kripalu

I don't have any New Year's resolutions. Instead, I'm focusing on one word: fearlessness. My stay at Kripalu provided lots of quiet time to think about what it means to be fearless, in all aspects of my life. I feel invigorated and ready for 2013.

How about you—do you have any resolutions?


Jane said...

Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. I need to find a source for linen. I haven't done any embroidery for such a long time. Thanks you for your inspiration.

Evelyn said...

I love how so many of us are focusing on one word this year. Mine is mindfulness and I'm looking forward to seeing how your fearlessness will show in your beautiful work.

Betsey said...

What a great way to start the new year. Wonderful stitches, photos, and sketches.

Denise said...

What a great idea - to start the year with one word...but which word to choose? I love fearlessness as I just came off a divorce-year and there is much uncertainty ahead of me. Courageous, Strong, Faith...many words to choose from. Thanks so much for being an inspiration both creatively and spiritually! Happy 2013!!

KnitNana said...

I can only think of one better way to spend New Year's and that's the way I spent it. Holed up with my sweetheart. But this is runner-up in my mind. What a gift you've given yourself, and FEARLESS as your word? Excellent! I'll be watching and reading this year to see how you approach it. (As you know, my One Word is "Joy" and I'm already excited about it!)

Tierney Barden said...

Such a refreshing, beautiful post. You take me to such inspiring places, whether in your sketchbook or on knitting needles, to places you visit and even snapshots of Snickers. Happy New Year Bonnie.