Sunday, July 29, 2012

Snickers Goes for the Gold

Progress thus far for my Ravellenic Games knitting: three swatches finished for the Swatching Coxswain event, and orange mitts under way for the Cable Steeplechase and Mittens Medley.

Ravellenic Games Begin!

Meanwhile, Snickers shows excellent form in Stitch Dictionary Takeover:

Snickers Takes Over the Stitch Dictionaries

I haven't seen any actual Olympic events yet. Are you watching the Olympic Games?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Ceremonial of Cornflowers

What is summer without cornflowers? So simple and lovely ...

Bachelor Buttons, Kripalu

Bachelor Buttons, Kripalu_3

Bachelor Buttons, Kripalu_2

What's your favorite summer flower or flowers?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The heat has backed off a little, so I finally felt like blocking my Wholehearted Shawl.

Wholehearted Shawl_2
Pattern: Wholehearted, by Erika Flory
Yarns: Quince and Co. Finch in the Kumlien's Gull colorway and String Theory Caper Sock in the Sandy River colorway
Needle: US 4/3.5mm Hiya Hiya

Wholehearted Shawl_4
Blocked dimensions: 58 inches wide by 21 inches high at center spine
Dimensions before blocking: 44 inches wide by 15.5 inches at center

Wholehearted Shawl_3

This is a pleasant pattern to knit—not difficult to work and easy to memorize, making it a really good travel or knit-night project. As shawls go, I'd say it's medium in size—not as small as a neck scarf but not huge, either. You could wear it either as a shawl or a scarf.

Wholehearted Shawl_1

I like how it plays solid-color fingering weight yarn against variegated. The stitch patterns add just enough interest without competing with the yarns.

Wholehearted Shawl_5

I didn't make any modifications except to knit a few rows less of garter stitch before the picot bind off (I was running out of the solid-color yarn).

The colors are very "me," and I'd love to keep it. But this one is going to charity—I'm going to donate it to the annual fundraiser for the arts center where my sister Jenny teaches.

Wherever you are, I hope you're finding some beauty in your weekend.  I spent Friday at Kripalu, and I'm still daydreaming about the field of poppies there. So beautiful!

Kripalu Poppy Field_1

Kripalu Poppy Field_2

Poppy, Kripalu

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cozy Fierce and Dirty Orange

Cozy Fierce and Dirty Orange

The challenge: Design and knit a pair of fingerless mitts during the Summer Olympics for the Ravellenic Games 2012. This project will compete in the Mitten Medley and Cable Steeplechase.

The yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight, in the Cozy Fierce and Dirty Orange colorway.

I'll also be competing in the Swatching Coxswain by knitting up lots and lots of swatches of stitch patterns that might be used in future Blue Peninsula designs.

Mass Cast On coincides with the start of the Opening Ceremonies, this Friday, July 27. Team Blue Peninsula is small but mighty. Join us if you like—you do not have to knit one of my designs to be on our team. We welcome one and all!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 27, Upside Down

Day 27, Upside Down

One more day to go on 28 Days. There are 7 rows of 4 circles each, one circle embroidered per day; a sequence of 7 colors of thread, repeated 4 times; a sequence of 9 different stitches, repeated 3 times, with the last stitch being the same as the first.

With temps in the 90s lately, not a lot of knitting is going on other than a pair of socks that seem to never end and a new cardigan design. I've bound off my Wholehearted Shawl but haven't blocked it. In this heat and humidity, I just haven't felt motivated to handle wet wool!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Art Behind the Barn

Art Behind the Barn is just that—art that's behind a barn.

Come to the Brookfield Farm tomorrow from 8 am to 1 pm (Saturday, July 14) for one of the sweetest summer art fairs in the Pioneer Valley. Whether it's sunny or rainy, you'll be comfortable, because the fair is set up in a sheltered lean-to behind the barn.

The Brookfield Farm is at 24 Hulst Road, just off Bay Road in South Amherst. Because of the roundabout construction at Bay Road and Route 116, the easiest way to get to the farm right now is to take South East Street to Bay Road, then turn left (east) and drive a few blocks to Hulst. There's a sign for the farm at Hulst.

Moleskin Journal Covers_1

Today I'm busy sewing up some journal covers for Art Behind the Barn. They fit standard Moleskin journals—I've got blank, lined, and graph paper journals for you to choose from. I'll also have lots of embroidered lavender sachets and potholders, too.

Moleskin Journal Covers_2

Moleskin Journal Covers_4

Moleskin Journal Covers_3

Little scraps, as well as old pants and skirts, come in handy for these covers ...

every little scrap

golden button

There's always lovely stuff on offer at Art behind the Barn—jewelry, note cards, hand knits, photography—all made by shareholders. And for cooling off, there's the farm's famous all-natural juice popsicles—so refreshing on a hot day.

Come on out and see one of the Pioneer Valley's friendliest and prettiest CSAs. Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 09, 2012

July Joys

Fruits of yesterday's Day of Joy ...

Saw lots of Queen Anne's lace ...
Queen Anne's Lace_070812

Took in a big view ....
Fishbowl View, Mount Pollux Conservation Area

Sketched clouds and the big view (click for a larger image) ...
Cumulus Sketch_070812

Mount Pollux Sketch_070812

Discovered a wreath in a tree ...
Wreath in a Tree at Mount Pollux

And some busy bugs ...
Not Too Darn Hot

Embroidered a circle ...
28 Days, Day 19

Picked blueberries and flowers ...
Blueberries and Flowers

And started a new "Lost & Found" book of drawings ...
Oak Galls and Oak Gall Drawing_1

Oak Galls and Oak Gall Drawing_2

Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Day of Joy

Every now and then I decide to have what I call a "Day of Joy." On a Day of Joy, I set aside mundane tasks and focus on things that bring me joy.

There are only two rules for a Day of Joy: 1) set an intention to make joy the focus of your day, and 2) do things that bring you joy.

A Day of Joy does not have to be complicated or involve anything wildly out of the ordinary. It might not even involve leaving the house. Hanging out in your jammies watching movies, playing Scrabble, and eating ice cream could be a fabulous Day of Joy.

So far, my Day of Joy has included going for a walk and enjoying nature . . .


Other possibilities ahead are sketching, picking blueberries, writing letters, knitting, and working on my 28 Days embroidery piece. Here it is as of yesterday, which was Day 18:

28 Days, through Day 18

Want to join me in having a Day of Joy? Where will you go, what will you do?

Summer Bridge

If you have a Day of Joy today, leave a comment about how it went!