Tuesday, September 25, 2012

They've Got the Knack

My friend Amber—and another innovative crafter, Macey—have cooked up an exciting new venture for the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts. It's a center for creative reuse called Knack. As their website says, "Knack is an inspirational space with a green initiative to build community around the art of reuse."

Every day they've got more and more exciting ideas and plans. Right now Knack is mostly a website, but soon it will be a place where you can donate reusable materials, get materials, take a class, teach a class, or buy art made by artists who use recycled materials.

I'm excited to be a featured artist at Knack and can't wait to see how the project grows and takes shape. In my collages I use all sorts of found/collected/repurposed materials—old books of poetry, field guides, scraps of paper, old drawings ripped up and given new life, music scores—along with more traditional media such as pencil, ink, and colored pencil.

This one, called Seems It Strange, is a meditation on what a miracle life is, and how fragile. (The title is a fragment of poetry from Edward Young's Night Thoughts.)

Be sure to check out Knack! Visit the site and get involved. Like Knack on Facebook. If you're an artist who reuses materials, share your work with Knack.

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Clarity said...

I <3 my inspirational coworkers!!!!