Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Summer, in Sketches

Summer is over—it's officially fall. Time to look back at my sketchbooks and revisit the beauty of summer 2012.

My summer began on Squam Lake, at the Squam Art Workshops in Holderness, New Hampshire. Each morning I got up at dawn, tiptoed to our cabin kitchen, and made coffee quiet as a mouse. Then I tucked my sketchbook and pens in my pocket and headed out (being careful not to slam the screen door). I love the early mornings at Squam; most everybody is still asleep and the lake is so quiet and peaceful.

Squam Lake Sketch_3

Squam Lake Sketch_5

Squam Lake Sketch_4

Squam Lake Sketch_2

Squam Lake Sketch_7

Squam Lake Sketch_8

Squam Lake Sketch_1

Squam Lake Sketch_6

After Squam, my sketchbook and I traveled to various places around western Massachusetts, from the Quabbin Reservoir in Ware to Kripalu in the Berkshires ...

At the Goodnough Dike, June 2012

Kripalu Sketch_3

Kripalu Sketch_2

Kripalu Sketch_1

In my hometown of Amherst, I sketched at the Mount Pollux Conservation Area several times. I headed there the other day for my last landscape sketch of summer 2012 ...

At Mount Pollux Conservation Area_2

At Mount Pollux Conservation Area_1

Sometimes, I drew at home. I've been sketching the Pelham Hills, as seen from one of my windows, since 2009 ...

Pelham Hills Sketch_1

Pelham Hills Sketch_2

My very last sketch of summer 2012 was in my Lost and Found sketchbook ...

Lost and Found Sketch_September 2012

"Merci." I felt so lucky when I spotted that tiny brass charm on the sidewalk. What better sentiment to end summer with?

P.S. Have you heard about The Sketchbook Project 2013? I ordered my sketchbook yesterday. You do not have to be an artist to participate, and you don't have to draw—you can write, take photos, make collages, etc. According to the FAQ, "The Sketchbook Project isn’t just for artists. This project is for anyone who craves an outlet for that undeniable creative bug. Anyone—from anywhere—regardless of his or her creative background can and should participate. Parents, kids, Uncle Joe, the mailman, the banker who doodles on her tax forms, architects, astronauts, and retired mine dwellers: This means you!"


Betsey said...

Merci for your sketches, inspiraton, and summer memories. I've signed up for the sketchbook project.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I love your scetches. I'm going to look in to the sketchbook project.

magnusmog said...

Those sketches are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

ann wood said...

love your sketches bonnie

KPiep said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing!

Yarny Days said...

This is so amazing. You really have talent for sketching!