Friday, September 07, 2012

Begin Again

Begin Again, Seven Yellows

Seven yellow threads, one for each day of the week. Yellow—the color of joy, of hope, of van Gogh's sunflowers and wheat fields, of real sunflowers and wheat fields ...

Begin Again, Studio View

I've begun another daily embroidery piece, another stab at getting myself in my studio every day, for any length of time. This time I'm going to embroider the words "begin again" over and over, using a different color of thread for each day. On any given day, I might embroider just one letter or dozens—doesn't matter how much is accomplished, only that the effort is made.

I gathered up books with the needed letters on their covers to inspire me:

Begin Again, Typography Inspirations

And I've begun:

Begin Again, Begun

Yellow is in the air, I guess. I've also begun another Fiery Searcher hat, this time in Madelinetosh sock yarn, in the Winter Wheat colorway.

Yellow Hat


Evelyn said...

You've brightened my day!! : )

Bonnie said...

That is really nice to hear!

stringplay said...

What a great project and I love the shades of yellow. Looking forward to seeing this as you go along.

annette said...

Your daily embroidery exercises are inspiring.

KPiep said...

Yay! I love your daily embroidery projects!