Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sun, Squam, Sale

Sun over Squam Lake

I'm pretty much ready for my classes at Squam Art Workshops and the Squam Art Fair on Saturday. I've already started the piece I'm going to work on in Rebecca Ringquist's Embroidered Memories class—it's a banner to hang above my studio door that will include the word "beauty" and all the important elements of Squam: sun, mosquitoes, lady slippers, loons, and camaraderie/connections (symbolized by a heart). Running across the bottom, rendered in open chain stitch in blue—Squam Lake.

The trunk of my car holds a curious collection: a duffle bag full of hand knits, a dress form, a Hello Kitty sewing machine, tea kettle and coffee, a suitcase full of everything from warm sweaters to sleeveless tops. And my car will smell like lavender all the way there, thanks to a big wooden bowl of embroidered lavender sachets, which I'll have at the fair. My Blue Peninsula patterns are all organized in sheet covers; samples are blocked and labeled.
Pattern Samples Ready for the Squam Art 

To celebrate my second year at Squam, I'm having a pattern sale in my Ravelry shop, today through June 15. Use the coupon code SQUAM2012 to get $1 off Blue Peninsula patterns (excuding ebooks, which are already discounted).

One last bit of news: I'm excited to have an embroidered artwork in "small stories," a fiber art exhibition at the Urban Alchemist Design Collective in Brooklyn, June 20–July 22. More on that after I get back from Squam; for now, here's info on the show.

Squam Lake, I'm on my way!

Open Chain Stitch Water


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Grats. It all sounds so wpnderful!!

Chris Q said...

Congratulations on your show in New York. Maybe I'll see you again at Squam...I think my mom and I are in another part of the cabins this year. Am looking forward to seeing your booth at the art fair.

Shelda said...

A hello kitty sewing machine?! Do tell!

And have a great time at Squam.

Karin said...

Enjoy your time!!!