Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Stitching

"Small Stories," a fiber art exhibition curated by Joetta Maue, opens today with a reception from 6 to 9 pm at the Urban Alchemist Design Collective in Brooklyn. My piece titled 31 Days is in the show.

31 Days  
31 Days, by Bonnie Sennott (2012), linen, cotton embroidery thread, dowel rod, 31 inches height by 16 inches width

31 Days began as a way to get myself in my studio every day. For 31 days I purposely wrinkled a piece of linen, then stitched the wrinkles, alternating white thread one day, black the next.

31 Days_detail

Whether in our clothes or on our skin, wrinkles are something we usually want to get rid of. Instead, I made them the focal point of the work. And as I stitched the wrinkles, I grew more and more fond of them. Their meandering lines made me think of veins, paths, and especially my own aging skin and life's fragility and unpredictability.

This week I began another embroidered artwork that I'll work on each day for 28 days. For this one, I'm embroidering one circle a day, a total of seven rows of four circles each. I'm using seven colors in all and a different stitch each day.

28 Days, Days 1 and 2 28 Days, Days 1, 2, 3 28 Days, Day 4_1 28 Days, Day 4_2 28 Days, Day 4_3

If you happen to be in or around Brooklyn, I hope you'll come see the "Small Stories" show. It runs through July 22 at 343 5th Street.


Betsey said...

Looks like a great show, Bonnie. ANd like the new stitched circles.

Fleur said...

Love the wrinkles ;-)

KPiep said...

I love your work! Such interesting ideas!

Shelda said...

It's so great to see the final realized wrinkle piece, Bonnie! I was so captivated by it when you first described it, and it's lovely to see it come to fruition.

The circles project sounds like fun too! It'll be fun to see it emerge.

Robin said...

What an inspiration you are, Bonnie! I love the way you think outside the box!