Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Streusel News

I have three exciting bits of news today. One is that Streusel is featured in the latest Pattern Spotlight over at Peacefully Knitting. The post tells you everything you might want to know about the pattern.

Second, the very first Streusel (other than mine) is already off the needles! It's a Blueberry Streusel made by the talented Teresa (innersparkle on Ravelry):

When Teresa offered to test knit the pattern, I looked at her Ravelry projects page, and I was in awe. Every one of her lace shawls and sweaters is exquisite—and the woman is fast! She routinely knits two to three shawls a month.

Teresa knit Streusel in a delicious blueberry-colored yarn (DogEared Dyeworks BFL and Silk from Lake Tahoe Yarn Company). Here it is on the blocking wires:


Do you use blocking wires? I've found them to be a worthwhile investment—they make blocking lace so much easier and produce beautifully crisp, even edges.

The third piece of news is that Karin has dyed up more of her Periwinkle Sheep merino silk (the yarn I used for the Streusel sample). From left to right: avocado, orchid, chai, silver lining, and raspberry truffle. Gorgeous, aren't they?


Peacefully Knitting said...

I love the color!!! I'm casting my on this weekend :)

KnitNana said...

It's gorgeous! Just such a pretty pattern, and that color - wow.

Evelyn said...

Gorgeous work ... I also just love the idea of calling a shawl Blueberry Streusel!

Denise said...

Couldn't resist (although i didn't really try very hard to...) purchased the same yarn and your pattern! Can't wait to start!!