Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Squam ABCs

A is for amazing, awesome women (thank you, Elizabeth, Jen, Michelle, Lauren, Christine, and everybody else who makes it happen).

B is for Buffum—a lovely cabin with a lovely view.

Buffum Dock, Squam Art Workshops

C is for cabin mates, friendly and funny. Clockwise from lower left: Laurel, Ann, Rani, and me.

Buffum Gals!

D is for Downward-facing Dog in Michelle's Gentle Yoga class.

E is for evenings at the twinkle-light-adorned Playhouse.

F is for fox, red, pausing to look at me as he crossed my path.

G is for gluten-free options, lots, in the Rockywold dining hall.

H is for Harlot, The Yarn. It seemed like every time I spotted her in the dining hall she was playing with an incredibly happy-looking baby.

I is for Ice House Road and cabin ice boxes.

J is for joy, abundant.

K is for Krispies, Rice, treats, a most excellent gluten-free dessert.

L is for luna moths (I saw the first one of my life!) and lady slippers.

Ladyslippers at Needle Point

M is for mosquitoes, real and embroidered. (I stitched the first one of my life.)

Embroidered Memories Projects

N is for new friends made and new things learned.

O is for overscheduled lives left behind.

P is for pine walls, pine floors, pine needles, pine trees.

Embroidered Memories Class

Q is for quiet dawns spent sketching at Needle Point.

At Needle Point, Squam Lake

R is for Ravelers and other folks who stopped by my table at the Squam Art Fair. (Camille, you looked so great in Pomegranate when you tried it on, I almost gave it to you!)

at the Squam Art Fair

S is for the terrific staff of the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, always helpful, always friendly.

T is for turtle, sunning at Needle Point.

Big Turtle at Needle Point

U is for unexpected moments of creativity and delight.

Cabin Door

V is for viridity and verdancy, all around.

W is for Wood, Ann, who taught novice boatmakers how to put wind in their sails.

Ann Wood at Squam Art Workshops

Heirloom Boats Class at Squam

Putting the Wind in the Sails

Heirloom Boats at Squam


X is for X-Acto knife, helpful in boatmaking.

Y is for yarn bombings and pom-poms everywhere.

Z is for Zodiac, where stitcher extraordinaire Rebecca Ringquist demonstrated how cool and easy it is to make woven picots.

Rebecca Ringquist, Squam Art Workshops

Sketches to come in another post!


Camille said...

I love your photos, Bonnie, and I even got a shout-out! I am thrilled! Love the embroidery action shot too. :}

Stripeyspots said...

That has to be one of my favorite alphabets…

KnitNana said...

What a delightful time!!!

Christina said...

Squam A to Z. I love it! I'm so glad that I got to chat with you during registration. I can't wait for next year.