Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 10 of 28

My 28 Days piece is coming along ...

28 Days, Days 5 and 6
Days 5 and 6

28 Days, Days 7 and 8
Days 7 and 8

28 Days, Days 9 and 10
Days 9 and 10

So far I've embroidered ten circles, one each day. There will be a total of 28, arranged in seven rows of four. I'm using a sequence of seven colors, which will repeat four times, and a sequence of nine different stitches. The 28th circle will repeat the seed stitch that was used in the first circle. So the circles will come full circle.

28 Days in progress

I realized early on that I was not going to be able to stitch perfect circles. They're all a little wonky, which I am growing to like. They remind me of something one of my favorite artists, Agnes Martin, wrote: "Perfection is not necessary. Perfection you cannot have."


Robin said...

Your stitching has inspired me. It's been many years since I took up hoop 'n needle and I'd forgotten how relaxing embroidery can be. Your sampler piece is lovely. And such a wonderful way to create something beautiful as well as practice, practice, practice.

KPiep said...

It is absolutely exquisite!

Shelda said...

This is so beautiful, Bonnie! I love the creativity and persistence of it. A nice combo!

I remember that I used to find embroidery very relaxing.

Mette said...

I love it! I can't wait to see the project, when it's done.

Sandie said...

Hello! I came across a pin that led me to your website and this thread! LOVE!! your circle embroidery!! Is there a place that we can find them all together... like a pattern or something that tells us when you did with the piece once it was finished?! Such a pretty piece and I like that we can accomplish a circle a day... breaks it down into a more manageable piece! <3