Friday, April 20, 2012

Cloud Spotting

Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus 042012

This morning's sky was bright blue and dotted with cirrocumulus mixed with cirrostratus. I can say that with some confidence thanks to The Cloud Collector's Handbook, which offers plenty of photos and descriptions to help you identify the white stuff above your head. It turns identifying clouds into a kind of sport—you get points for each type of cloud you spot, with bonus points for the rarer formations.

Sometimes I snap pictures, but mostly I prefer drawing clouds—like these cirrostratus that I saw over the Pelham Hills across the road from my home yesterday morning:

Cirrostratus over Pelham Hills 041912

More cirrostratus—mixed with altocumulus—drawn last month:

Cloud Collector's Handbook and Sketch

And a dramatic cumulus formation from last Fourth of July:

Summer Cumulus

My interest in clouds lay dormant over the winter but now that spring is here once again I'm watching the skies with interest. I really like the challenge of drawing clouds. You have to loosen up and sketch fast as well as hold as much information in your mind as possible. And you have to relinquish all desire to "get it just right." You draw and you move on.

Recently I found the perfect pouch for my little red sketchbook and pens at Tierney's Silver Trumpet Style Etsy shop. Tierney was one of my cabinmates at Squam Art Workshops last June. Be sure to go over to her shop and take a look—she's got some really nice bags and pouches on offer right now.

Sketchbook and Bag

I hope you have time to look up and spot some clouds today!


Rebecca said...

What a cool bag! Tierney is so great- one of my favorite Squammies.....

Anonymous said...

i adore you sketchings, remembering the ones you did at Squam, so so beautiful! and what a darling bag!!! xo

KPiep said...

That would be a perfect thing to sketch...both for the quickness of it and the fact that you have to let go of perfection.