Friday, April 13, 2012

All My Knits Belong to Snicks

I worked all morning knitting and finalizing the numbers and pattern instructions for the sleeves on a new spring cardi design ... took a break to have lunch, left the sweater on the couch ... came back to see Snickers had decided to "claim" it:

All Knits Belong to Snicks

The green bit under her is the Shetland Triangle shawl I knit four years ago, which has become a cat blanket. I've never worn it much, because it doesn't have great drape. (Which is my fault—I used too small a needle for the yarn—Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light—and probably should have used a fingering weight yarn.)

Anyway, a new cardigan pattern in a lovely silvery grey will be coming soon, as well as a new Blue Peninsula logo, and a new contest/giveaway.

Back to work now. Have a good weekend!


KnitNana said...

Of course the knits belong to Snickers...ALL knits belong to the felines.
Especially when one is alpaca.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Snickers looks so cozy. I look forward to all the lovely things you make!!

Mariko Matsusawa said...

i cannot wait;)

magnusmog said...

Cats own the knits. There's no getting round it!

Evelyn said...

It's a cat conspiracy! My Aurora manages to take over all my knits as soon as I walk out of a room.

stringplay said...

Snickers deserves an Evelyn A. Clark!

KPiep said...

Hehehehe..of course they do!