Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why I Need to Buy Stamps


KPiep said...

I'm so glad this project spoke to you! It was so much fun to put those envelopes in the mail today (thank you'd and photos for my husband's aunts) and really reminded me of how much I've missed real mail.

KnitNana said...

I think it's lovely...not in my plans for this year, but possibly next. I love getting mail, but more importantly, I think this could be a political statement, too - SAVE the POST OFFICE!!

Bonnie said...

Send me your snail mail addy on Rav and you might get some mail from me! ;-)

Shelda said...

I like this project a lot, except that I think I'm going to make my goal to write one letter a *week* instead of one a day! One a day sounds way too much for me. An aspiration, but not a likely happening.

Actually, maybe I'll make it a letter to a writer whom I admire. I always mean to do that, and never actually manage it.

Thanks for the inspiration.