Monday, February 13, 2012

Threads of Love

For my Valentine's Day post, I thought I'd share a few pictures of an old kitchen towel.

 A Well-Used Towel_1

Walk into the kitchen—or any room—in the home of a member of my family, and you're sure to find something handwoven by my sister Jenny. She's been weaving (and teaching) for years and is always at her looms, producing one beautiful thing after another.

A Well-Used Towel_2

Jenny makes her handwovens to be used, and use them I do. This kitchen towel has been one of my favorites for many, many years. It's gotten a lot of use, and it shows. (I have an idea for a special way to repurpose it, but that's a secret for now.)

A Well-Used Towel_3

Jenny's work is a constant outpouring of love. When I look at these frayed threads, I don't see an old towel. I see love.

Happy Valentine's Day from me and Snickers (it wouldn't be a holiday post without Snicks!).

Lounging Snickers


KnitNana said...

Your towel is lovely, what a great talent she has!

But nice as that is, you know my heart just melted when I saw Snickers belly-up! What a snuggling belly!

Bonnie said...

Ha, ha! That Snicks! She was begging for a tummy rub, and she got one!

Jenny said...

Oh my, what warm words to read on a chilly morning. Thanks very much, Bonnie. Probably the best part is seeing the old towel and knowing it's done its job. I haven't woven that pattern in perhaps 10 years, and looking at it makes me think I should revisit it soon.

I agree that Snickers is her usual beguiling self!

Oh, and maybe it's time for a new towel...

KPiep said...

I Really enjoyed this post, agree that handmade should be used, and deeply respect and admire your sister!

Shelda said...

Jenny's lovely towels are some of my favorite things as well. I haven't used mine quite as much, but I do enjoy them immensely.

What a lovely post!