Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's No Mystery to Me Anymore

Kelmscott Sock
Pattern: Kelmscott (formerly Mystery Sock 2012), by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Fiberphile 2-ply Squooshy Sock in the Mithril colorway
Needles: US1/2.00mm

If you had asked me, would I like to knit a sock on 2.00mm needles that has cables, bobbles, and lots of twisted stitches, I might have said, "Maybe when I retire." Since this pattern was for a Mystery KAL, with one clue released each week in January, at the outset I wasn't sure what I was getting into.

Yet here I am, really enjoying this sock and all its intricacies. There are several options for the foot, some with more flowers and leaves, others much simpler. I'm probably going to go with the simplest, but we'll see. Having gotten Sock #1 this far, I'm now going back to Sock #2 to knit it to the same place. Then, for the length of the leg, you knit the same row over and over for a few inches. That will be a welcome break from the charts!

Take a look at the 300+ projects on Ravelry to feast your eyes on some truly beautiful socks in a wide range of yarns. I'm really enjoying this Fiberphile sock yarn, especially the silvery grey Mithril colorway. In fact, I like it so much I ordered a sweater's worth in the DK weight, which I'm knitting up now into a new cardigan design. (Look for that next month, if all goes well.)

Mithril, by the way, is a fictional metal from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: "Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of mithril did not tarnish or grow dim."


reub-envision said...

what a lovely thing to adorn an ankle

KPiep said...

Very pretty!