Monday, June 06, 2011

Squam Sketchbook

Squam Sketch_1

Squam Sketch_2

Squam Sketch_3

Squam Sketch_4

Squam Sketch_5

I'm back from the Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Five days of sketching, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, learning, laughing, meeting new people from all over, hiking rocky trails, swatting mosquitoes.

Loon listening. Lake gazing.

Pics and impressions of Squam to come, after I've gotten settled.


KPiep said...

I do envy your sketching skills. Your artwork is always lovely...and actually reminds me quite a bit of a family friend who is an excellent artist.

Perhaps this should be the summer when I get over myself and learn to sketch.

Camille said...

Your sketches are gorgeous!!

alysha said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I so wish I could draw.

Beth said...

Your sketches are lovely! Can't wait to see more! Sounds like a lovely time, despite mosquitoes! :)

Tierney Barden said...

I loved listening to the loons late in the night, too, and your sketches are amazing, Bonnie. My eyes filled up responding to your sensitivity with pen & ink and your surroundings, to having just been there myself, and to knowing you had quite private moments to capture your experiences.


Christina said...

Your sketchbook is stunning. They really bring the beauty of Squam to life.