Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning My ABCs

A Is for Apple, B Is for Blanket Stitch
A is for Apple; B is for Blanket Stitch

D Is for Dice
D is for Dice

F Is for Fern Stitch
F is for Fern Stitch

French Knots, Fern Stitch, Blanket 
and French Knots

F Is for Fly Stitch
and Fly Stitch

N Is for Needleweaving
N is for Needleweaving

S Is for Snickers
S is for Snickers


KPiep said...

Oh my stars, I am in love with your sampler!

Thanks for the embroidery link. I am going to get started on Monday, and I have some ideas!

Jenny said...

The photos of your stitches are so charming, and of course, Snickers is always the cutest! So... are you going to give embroidery lessons in Waterloo?

Bonnie said...

I guess I could, Jenny! Maybe I could design a small sampler in advance, transfer it to cloth, and bring it along. Do you still have some extra 5- or 6-inch hoops?

I've been using the smallest one you sent (5-inch, I think) a lot.

KnitNana said...

You're doing well! Love S is for Snickers. And I have a question:
How is it you have a long-haired cat and there's not a spec of cat fur on that rug? (I love the rug, btw)

Bonnie said...

HA! I think it was just luck that I had vacuumed the night before I took these pictures.

If you look closely at the background, you can see that Snickers uses part of the rug as a scratching post. I admit I haven't tried very hard to stop her. It makes her happy to scratch on it, and it's just a rug.

Karin said...

I give you an A+!!

Rebecca said...

I love your post and I love the way your sampler looks- the Blanket Stitch apple is so great.
Thanks for posting to the flickr group- loving your blog.

Tierney Barden said...

Your Sampler is really looking great, Bonnie. Between the colors and stitch textures, it's just lovely. HI Snickers!