Sunday, June 19, 2011

Breezy Sunday

I came home from Squam Art Workshops two weeks ago, but in my heart, every day, I'm still there...

French Embroidery Thread_1

I'm working bit by bit on the Stitch Dictionary sampler . . . I think my backstitch and satin stitch are getting better. I confess I splurged on some delicate French embroidery thread from Purl Soho.

French Embroidery Thread_2

I do not regret the splurge--it's fine and lovely and a pleasure to work with.

Yesterday I frogged the Gully Socks that I began right before Squam. The pattern had numerous errors, including a chart that was entirely wrong. I notified the designer, who has issued a corrected PDF. But since I had to rip back quite a ways, and I wasn't loving the Valley Yarns Huntington yarn (splitty; too loosely plied), I stopped altogether. I'll try the pattern again some other time, with a different yarn.

I do want some new socks, though, so I cast on with yarn purchased at the Squam Art Fair:

Memories of Squam Socks
Pattern: None--I'm improvising
Yarn: Liberty Fibers fingering weight merino/nylon, colorway Totem LE
Needles: 2.50mm for the cuff; 2.25mm for the leg

The difference in the happiness quotient between this new sock and the frogged sock is amazing. Lesson learned (once again): if it's not working, it's not working. Say good-bye and cut your losses!

Meanwhile, Briza--my new tank top design--is almost ready to release. It's with a tech editor, and I also need to do a photo shoot.


Briza Back_Detail_72
back detail

hem detail

Hope to announce the pattern release soon!


KnitNana said...

Oh my.
1. the tank is lovely and I cannot wait to see the final pattern
2. the socks ... would you consider writing those up, too? I like very much and the yarn is scrumptious, but then with a pretty feline face upturned so nicely in that photo you had to know it was super appealing already, no?
3. buy the best materials to work on, that's my motto. As long as one can afford it, the time we spend on crafting is precious, so I intend to use the best I can possibly afford just to UP the enjoyment factor! Your embroidery is lovely, too!

Amy said...

The new tank is gorgeous!

KPiep said...

I'm getting ready to begin some embroidery myself, and I absolutely adore your sampler. I've been drooling over a bunch of lovely designs for two years now, and it's time!