Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Is Love

Love Is Love

I spotted this yarn bombing near WEBS yesterday. June 11 is International Yarn Bombing Day.  Are you participating?  I don't have any concrete plans, but that could change.

I was at WEBS because 1) some kind souls gave me a gift certificate, and 2) Karin, the creative woman behind Periwinkle Sheep hand-dyed yarns, dropped me an email saying she was going to be at the Mass. Sheep and Woolcraft Fair in Cummington, and did I want to meet? I couldn't get to the fair, so we met up at WEBS and took advantage of the last days of the anniversary sale (yes, some Cascade 220 at the never-to-be-seen-again price of $4.95 came home with me).

It's just as much fun to spend time with Karin in person as it is to read her blog. From WEBS, we walked to Paul and Elizabeth's in downtown Northampton. Over dinner we talked about everything from teachers who've inspired us to how hard it can be to get colors just right in photos. I've knit several projects in Karin's yarns, including two Diamond Fantasy shawls (here and here). I love her colorways because they're so closely connected to nature. I brought along the shawl I knit in her beautiful Memories of Summer colorway, so she could see how well it knit up. You can see a teeny bit of it in this picture:

Periwinkle Sheep Karin

It was too, too hot to wear a shawl yesterday, not even a light, lacy one. But it was just the right weather for some hibiscus peppermint tea ...

Hibiscus Peppermint Ice Tea

Pretty, no?  It tasted as good as it looked.

A few days ago, I hopped over to Karin's Etsy shop to get a skein of the Chai colorway of her merino silk. I've been eyeing it for some time and worried that somebody would snatch it up at the fair. I couldn't let that happen! Karin hand-delivered it, along with a second skein in a one-of-a-kind robin's egg blue:

Periwinkle Sheep Merino Silk

I gasped when I saw the Chai--it's richer and more golden in person than it looked online. Just stunning!  I can't wait to get it on the needles. And I've got a plan for the blue skein, too: since it came into my hands as a gift, it will leave them the same way. Every fall I donate a lace scarf or two for the annual craft sale in support of Access Arts in Columbia, Missouri, where my sister Jenny teaches weaving. This year, I think I'll make either Anita Caroline or Restless with Karin's blue merino silk. I'm not sure which one, though ... which do you think would be more likely to sell?

After the rainy, chilly spring we've had, coming on the heels of the snowiest winter in years, yesterday's warm sun made me almost giddy with delight. It was great to see people hanging around outside, soaking up the sun:

Finally, Sun!

Snickers has been enjoying the sun, too. In fact, now that the warm weather's here, the balcony is her favorite hangout:

Summer Snickers

She's hasn't been shirking her knitting inspection duties, however.  This morning she gave the homework for one of my Squam classes the once-over (and then it was back outside for her--no time to waste on a photo shoot):

Knitting Inspector Snickers

My Work Is Done

Squam is almost here, and the weather forecast for New Hampshire is looking good! This is my first time going, and if it's half as great as people say, I think I'm in for a pretty perfect vacation. I'm taking a class taught by Gudrun Johnston on shaping set-in sleeves with short rows, as well as an all-day embroidery class, and also yoga.

I'm so excited about Squam that I made two new project bags, one for each class.  I think project bags are even harder to get good pictures of than yarn, but I did my best ...

Project Bags

Project Bag_2

Project Bag Buttons

Motif 20 on Bag

I've gotta run now - time to make a roasted potato and green bean salad (from this cookbook) for a potluck. It's a risky thing, making a new recipe for a potluck, but it sounds so good (olive oil! rosemary!), that I don't think it can possibly come out too badly.

If you're off tomorrow for Memorial Day, I hope you have fine weather!


KPiep said...

Love the yarn bombing! And the snickers pics. She is gorgeous!

KnitNana said...

What fun! Yarn bombing...I know I should, but probably won't. Too much else going on...
Have a wonderful time at Squam, and Snickers looks lovely - enjoy the sunshine!

Betsey said...

Your project bags are cut, and so is Snickers.